“Why Genetically Modifying Food Is A Bad Idea” – Science vs Common Sense

GMO Golden Rice on the left.  Non-GMO rice on the right.

GMO Golden Rice on the left. Non-GMO rice on the right.

Yesterday, our friend Beth Hoffman published an article in Forbes’ online Food + Drink section called “Why Genetically Modifying Food Is A Bad Idea“.  For those who don’t know her, Beth is a cool cat who lives in SF, and writes articles about “our changing food system” for Forbes, NPR, Oxfam, and more.  She also teaches at University of San Francisco, and is married to a butcher and sales manager at Prather Ranch Meat Co.

You may have read countless articles about GMOs, but what I really like about Beth’s article in particular is that she brings up two main points that are simple common sense, yet seem to get lost in the shuffle.

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Fracking & The Media – More Transparency Needed!

frack feudLast week we covered a panel discussion about hydraulic fracturing, also known as ‘fracking’. Now that I’m aware of the issue, it seems to be popping up more frequently. However, the question still remains: how does fracking affect farmers? How does it affect the food on my plate?

This week, NPR’s show On the Media helped explain why answers seem so elusive.  In the piece Fracking Feud, host Brooke Gladstone interviewed Abrahm Lustgarten of ProPublica, who has been reporting about fracking since it first started getting media attention in 2008.

Fracking in the news is simply confusing.  In the past week alone, the Illinois governor passed what is considered one of the most stringent policies against fracking, while the EPA abandons its Wyoming research of fracking and groundwater, and – with a commissioned study by Congress in 2010 to test the impact of fracking on air and groundwater – they’ve decided to delay research until 2016.

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