Fish Meat: Can aquaculture be sustainable?

Lately when I think of fish farming, I think of congested cesspools of disease and ineffective antibiotics that I can’t stomach the thought of eating. Last night, 18 Reasons held a screening of Fish Meat, a film by Ted Caplow. Canapés of Anchovy, Trout and Albacore were served, sourced from TwoXSea and prepared by Chef Michael Mauschbaugh of Sous Beurre Kitchen.

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The documentary provokes new perspective about aquaculture – also known as fish farming. Can fish farming be safe? Can it be sustainable?

“This century is the last century of wild seafood” was one line from the film which sent shivers down spines. While extinction is a fate wild seafood is heading quickly towards, the documentary suggests an alternative fate if aquaculture practices like some ancient practices in Turkey are followed.

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