Labor Series: Pt 10 ~ New FarmsReach Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit!


We’re excited to focus the final installment in our Labor & Worker Safety Series on the FarmsReach Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit. It provides checklists, info sheets, spreadsheets, and detailed practical references to help you better manage your employees.

All of our Toolkit resources were recommended by our Featured Farmerspartners and the community, and are categorized by topic:

We hope these resources provide practical ideas and tools to start thinking differently about managing your team!

Below is just a sampling from the new Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit.

 Interns, Apprentices & Volunteers
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CA Guide to Labor Laws for Small Farmers
A well-organized, comprehensive guide for CA farmers to understand the federal and state laws pertaining to labor, apprentices, and interns.
Source: NCAT/ATTRA & CA FarmLink

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Hiring an Employee – Estimating Out of Pocket Costs
A rough template for estimating out-of-pocket costs hiring a new employee, including workers compensation, and working with a CPA to generate accurate numbers for your farm.

Wages & Overtime
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 Legal Aspects of Providing Lodging as Wages to Farm Employees
Basic checklist to better understand the legalities of using lodging as wages, including tax implications, housing quality and safety, and migrant worker laws.
Source: Farm Commons

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Hourly Wage Pay Stub Template
Specific information that must be included on pay stubs for hourly employees.
Source: CA Dept. of Industrial Relations

Workplace Safety
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Guide to Developing Your Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP)
Comprehensive manual of the employer’s responsibilities in establishing, implementing, and maintaining an IIPP, including safety and health training, hazard assessment and control measures, and methods of safety communication with employees.
Source: CAL OSHA

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Working Safely with Pesticides on Farms
Tip sheet for farmworkers to safely handle pesticides, including how to read the label, protective clothing, rights to farm’s pesticide use records, and what to do in case of exposure or illness.
Source: CA Dept. of Pesticide Regulation

Audits & Inspections
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Key Employment Requirements for Agricultural Work Places in California
Before an inspection: general labor compliance checklist for agricultural employers in CA, including federal wage standards, proper time card usage, posters and notifications, field sanitation, and sexual harassment training requirements.
Source: Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS)

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Inspections 101: What to Do if an Inspection Occurs at Your Farm
During an inspection: guide to the various government agencies that may inspect your farm, including your rights and theirs should an inspection occur.
Source: Full Belly Farm

Labor Management
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Positive Practices in Farm Labor Management
Ten no-cost or low-cost tips to improve worker satisfaction and retention, including respectful treatment, year-round employment, and opportunities for professional development.
Source: NCAT/ATTRA & CA Institute for Rural Studies

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Practical Steps to Employee Selection
Step-by-step guide to hiring long-term employees, including the selection process, interviews, tests, and successfully integrating new employees into the organization. Note: this is a chapter selected from the book, Labor Management in Agriculture, 3rd Edition, 2014.
Source: Gregorio Billikopf

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
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Time of Hire Workers’ Comp Pamphlet
Basic factsheet for new hires explaining what workers’ compensation is, what the benefits are, and what to do in case of an injury.
Source: CA Dept. of Industrial Relations

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.22.15 PM

Workers’ Comp FAQ for Employers
Basic factsheet for employers explaining why they needs workers’ compensation insurance, what to do if an employee is injured, and how to report fraud.
Source: CA Dept. of Industrial Relations

Be sure to check out the complete Labor & Worker Safety Toolkit for more resources on labor management, workplace safety, wages and overtime, and more.

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If you’ve had to deal with labor or worker safety issues let us know! We’d love to hear your stories for upcoming articles. If you have a question or comment to share, visit FarmsReach Conversations.

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