Regenerative Landscapes & Ecological Training at the Permaculture Skills Center


A lush landscape at the Permaculture Skills Center, Sebastopol, CA

The Permaculture Skills Center (PSC) is a five-acre educational and vocational site to advance the modeling and replication of regenerative local food systems. Bringing together youth and adults, the PSC strives to educate participants about good business practices, natural resource preservation and social equity. They’re now accepting applications to their 9-month, 2014 Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program. Get professional training in all aspects of ecological landscape design, installation, and maintenance for your farm, vineyard or landscape business!

Written by guest bloggers, Adam Kliegman, Program Director of the Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program at the Permaculture Skills Center and Toby Hemenway, author and permaculture educator.

Back in 1959 in Tasmania, a biggish-sized island off the southeast coast of Australia, forester, trapper, and ecologist Bill Mollison was studying marsupials for a UN agency, and he had an insight that started a movement.

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A New Lease on Life: The CA State Grange

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.22.32 PM

Lawrence Jaffe, farmer – lawyer – Grange revivalist

At the recent Farmers Guild meetup in Sebastopol, Lawrence Jaffe gave a colorful, short talk about:


The Sebastopol Grange was established in 1898, and in 1940 after the war, people in the community would finish their day harvesting or milking and then come over and work on building its Grange Hall.  They borrowed money from themselves, like holding their own pancake breakfasts and selling pancakes to themselves.  They raised the money by themselves.  When I looked through the rule books of our Grange, the people who built the hall and participated in it are the same names as all the streets around here and on all the orchards around here.  And yet, for years I would drive right by this building on Highway 12. 

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