How to Run a Farm Business ~ Q&A with Farm Academy Program Director, Jennifer Taylor


Jennifer Taylor and CFA students spend an afternoon harvesting carrots and beets

This week we spoke with Jennifer Taylor, Director of the California Farm Academy (CFA) about the 2014 CFA program! Started in 2012 by the Center for Land-Based Learning, the CFA was developed to encompass the practical knowledge that gives beginning farmers a strong foundation to start their own operations. Now in its third year, the CFA continues to offer a life-changing experience for those who are serious about becoming farmers.

The 2014 program begins on February 11th, so if you’re interested in experiential learning, gaining the practical skills it takes to run a farm business, and want to get your hands dirty in the new year, apply today!

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Regenerative Landscapes & Ecological Training at the Permaculture Skills Center


A lush landscape at the Permaculture Skills Center, Sebastopol, CA

The Permaculture Skills Center (PSC) is a five-acre educational and vocational site to advance the modeling and replication of regenerative local food systems. Bringing together youth and adults, the PSC strives to educate participants about good business practices, natural resource preservation and social equity. They’re now accepting applications to their 9-month, 2014 Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program. Get professional training in all aspects of ecological landscape design, installation, and maintenance for your farm, vineyard or landscape business!

Written by guest bloggers, Adam Kliegman, Program Director of the Ecological Landscaper Immersion Program at the Permaculture Skills Center and Toby Hemenway, author and permaculture educator.

Back in 1959 in Tasmania, a biggish-sized island off the southeast coast of Australia, forester, trapper, and ecologist Bill Mollison was studying marsupials for a UN agency, and he had an insight that started a movement.

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Farm Advocacy Attorney Reflects on the CASFS Apprenticeship Program


Written by guest blogger, Neil Thapar, 2012 CASFS Apprenticeship Program graduate and attorney focused on agriculture issues.

The shorter days and cooler nights of fall remind me that the year is coming to an end. As the planting season winds down, this is a time for reflecting on the past year and planning for the one ahead.

For the 35-40 apprentices who just completed the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food System’s (CASFS) Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture at UC Santa Cruz, this past week vividly marked that transition. After six months of “farming boot camp”, where they each lived, worked and learned both the theory and practice of small-scale, capital-S sustainable agriculture, the apprentices have graduated as its newest class of proponents, practitioners and advocates.

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