Moving Forward With New Designs!

testingRecently, our talented interaction designer Renee Anderson conducted ten user testing sessions to gather feedback on three new sections of the FarmsReach site: Groups, an expanded Services Directory, and a Marketplace (which will start with seed).

Based on our member feedback, two seed workshops back in February, and countless internal design sessions, we created “paper prototypes” of this new functionality intended to make the FarmsReach platform more useful to the community.

Each “testing” session was an hour long where Renee walked one person through the designs to gather feedback and new ideas.  Initially, we planned to cover all three new sections with each testing participant, but thanks to our incredibly thoughtful and insightful testing participants, we ended up focusing on just one section each.  And, what wonderful feedback and ideas we gathered!

Here’s who focused on what:

    Molly Bloom, CA FarmLink
    Evan Wiig, True Grass Farms & North Coast Young Farmers Guild
    Marisa Alcorta, NCAT/ATTRA
    Emma Torbert, Cloverleaf Farm
    Darryl Wong, CASFS
    Brian Boyce, Riverdog Farm
    Kyle Farmer, Green String Farm
    Paula Gaska, Mendocino Organics
    Steve Peters, Seed Revolution Now
    Paul Underhill, Terra Firma Farm

We are especially excited for the seed sourcing tool, as we have been researching and working on seed issues since the end of 2011 — with the generous guidance and support from Jared Zystro of Organic Seed Alliance, John Bauer of Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Tom Brinan of Snow Seed Co., Steve Peters (above), and many other knowledgable seed advocates, suppliers and buyers.  Renee has incorporated everyone’s input, and we’ve now started building!  Groups and the Services Directory will be released first, and then the Seed Marketplace will be next.

Written by Melanie Cheng.

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