Member Groups Enhance Community Conversations

We’re excited to announce the launch of Member Groups!  Phase 1 is now live.  Check it out!

The North Coast Convergence community, a new community of farmers, organizations and advocates from around Mendocino, is taking this latest FarmsReach feature for a spin, and we invite any other groups of FarmsReach members, partners and organizations to create a Member Group as well.

Here’s what Member Groups are all about:

Phase 1 – live now:

  • Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 4.48.13 PMSet up a group based on your interests, region, crops, organization affiliation…anything you like. If you’re interested in creating a new Member Group, contact us!
  • Keep your Member Group open (where anyone can instantly join), or have a gatekeeper to approve members first.
  • Add A Conversation, and post any combination of text, images, links, or files.
  • Tag Conversations by Topic, so they are easily archived and referenced later on.
  • Allow any FarmsReach member to view your Member Group Conversations, while only members of your group can post Conversations.
    — To read and post to general FarmsReach conversations, go to Community > Conversations.
    — To read and post to ONLY your Member Group’s conversations, go to:
    Community > Conversations > Member Groups – <name of your group>.

Phase 2 – rolling out over the next few months:

  • Find Groups near you, or based on your interest, region, experience, etc.
  • Filter Group postings by topic, type, or the posting member’s region or other attributes.
  • Reference easy-to-use Group Toolkits, which will automatically capture images, files and links that are posted to the Group Conversations.  Group moderators can edit and manage Group Toolkits contents at any time.
  • Track Group Events.  Group moderators can choose to add their Group Events to the general FarmsReach Events calendar as well.

There’s a lot more coming, so stay tuned!

Written by Shanti Christensen & Melanie Cheng.

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