Gauchos and Organic Beef – the Grass Really is Greener



When we heard about the Argentine asado going down at True Grass Farms (Valley Ford), it didn’t take a minute for us to run wild with our imaginations. With pastures of the pampas and gauchos grilling in our heads, we drove out to where our mobiles lost service and the sky is deep and kisses hills of grass.

A spread of grilled veggies, leafy greens a flutter, sizzling skillets of chorizo, ribs, and a wood fire-roasted slab of beef doused in chimichurri sauce. True Grass gauchos were clad in billowy Argentine rancher-inspired garb. Wine flowed freely and live music strummed through the afternoon.

Argentine asado, event, FarmsReach, organic, True Grass FarmsIMG_6872Before lunch began, Rebecca Burgess, founder of Fibershed, gave a short talk on her adventure to dress in only local, bio-friendly fibers and earth-neutral dyes for a year, which turned into a book and a movement replicated in 15 other regions around the world. She presented a colorful and inspiring map of fiber producers, knitters, weavers, designers, seamstresses, felters, spinners, dyers and mill owners — all within 150 miles from the farm!

But, back to the meal… It was beyond paleo-perfect. With the beef raised on pasture, roaming on rotation to mimic the effect wild grazing animals have on land, you could almost taste the wildflowers, wind-blown grass, and butterflies.

IMG_1518True Grass hosts more events like this one, so be sure to catch them throughout the summer. Otherwise, find their sumptuous meats at one of the farmer’s markets they visit or become a member of their community-supported agriculture (CSA) and receive a box of choice cuts for $50 per month.

The next event at True Grass Farms is the Father’s Day Farm’s Tour and Bacon Brunch on Saturday, June 15th. You’ll want to get your seats early because they do sell out.

More photos from the asado…

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