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Properly Managing Dry Periods For Healthy Female Ruminants

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With dairy cows, goats and ewes the goals are healthy, productive mothers that deliver vigorous offspring, milk well, do not lose too much condition and breed back on time. These goals can be achieved by properly managing the dry period and transition to lactation.

CAFF Produces Guide to Serve Farm Produce In Schools

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Farm-fresh food is making a comeback in schools — more than half of California’s 1,000 school districts are engaged in Farm to School activities, according to the USDA’s new Farm to School Census.

Sign a Petition to Help End Food Waste

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Please sign this letter of support to urge EPA Administrators McCarthy and Stanislaus to implement a national campaign to end food waste. The U.S. throws away up to 40% of the food it produces.

New group’s goal: Food reform on California’s front burner 


A new statewide coalition is putting pressure on politicians to pass progressive food and farm legislation in the hopes that it will “fix” California’s health, environmental and economic challenges. And it’s doing it the old-fashioned way: tracking legislators’ voting records and spreading the word.

Agriculture, Like the Rest of Society, Needs Gender Equity


Women own or co-own nearly half of our farmland in the United States and are increasingly producing a greater diversity and value of agricultural products, yet are rarely engaged in leadership positions in commodity organizations or on federal policy committees.

Efficiency or Democracy? NOP changes ‘sunset’ policy without public input 


The National Organic Program (NOP) recently modified the way materials on the National List are reviewed at “sunset.” This change makes it harder to remove materials at their five-year sunset than it would be to keep them on the list.

Farmscapes: Annual photo contest captures spirit of the countryside


From a golden rice harvest at dusk to a rooster that thinks it rules the ranch, the winning entries in the annual California Farm Bureau Photo Contest offer windows into the state’s rural life.



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