Community Picks: Farm-Fresh Online Grocery Delivery

For our second edition of Community Picks, we’re highlighting companies taking farm-direct CSAs to the next level by offering customized farm-fresh online grocery delivery — sourced from local and sustainable farmers, ranchers and artisanal processors.

It’s a tough business juggling perishable products and delivering to a customer with discerning tastes.  Here’s to the folks finding solutions that bring more profits to local producers, tasty fresh food to the customer, and a viable business for themselves!

Food producers and food processors:  These services may be a great place for you to sell more of your fresh produce, meat and food products!

SPUD – Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery known as Small Potatoes Urban Delivery)

Eaters: Order online for once-a-week delivery of a wide range of fresh food and non-food products, mostly within a 500-mile radius of San Francisco.

Producers and processors: Contact them to become a vendor.

  • Founded: 1997.
  • Founder: David Van Seters, from Vancouver, BC, Canada:
    “We consider ourselves to be in the lifestyle enhancement business. It’s not just about simplifying busy lives with home delivery but also enhancing their lives in the broader sense of having a better quality environment and healthier communities.”
  • Products: Fresh produce, grocery, dairy, bakery, meat, seafood, deli, beverages, snacks, ready-to-eat, and health & home. They source from producers and processors within 500 miles of San Francisco, as well as some products from outside that region.  View their suppliers.
  • Delivery days: Tuesday through Friday, depending on your Delivery Area.
  • Delivery locations: Your home or office in the Greater Bay Area.  (Also serve Seattle, Los Angeles, and Canada.)
  • Minimum order: None.
  • Delivery fees: $3.50 delivery fee for orders under $30.

LolaBee’s Harvest Order online for once-a-week delivery of local produce, meat, seafood and food products from within 250 miles of San Francisco.

Producers and processors: Contact them to become a vendor.

  • Founded: 2011.
  • Founder: Lauren Bass, Kellogg MBA, originally from a horse ranch in Ohio:
    “I dream of helping to build a renewed food system based on traditional food principles and adapted to our modern lifestyle. The farmers and community members working to educate the public about the truth behind the industrialized food system are my heroes. The consumers and communities demanding food from a system based on integrity and respect for people, animals, and the environment inspire me to strive every day to do my part.” 
  • Products: Local organic fruits and vegetables, sustainable seafood, pastured meats, dairy and eggs; in addition to artisan products like hummus, snacks and other prepared foods. Everything is made or grown within 30-250 miles of San Francisco.  View their producers.
  • Delivery days: Wednesdays (East Bay), or Thursdays (San Francisco).
  • Delivery locations: Your home or office in the East Bay or San Francisco.
  • Minimum order: $30.
  • Delivery fees: $4.95.

Good Eggs Order online for daily delivery of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and other food products, or browse their directory of food producers and processors who deliver direct to you themselves.

Producers and processors: Fill out a short form to become a vendor.

  • Founded: 2012.
  • Founders: Rob Spiro (from Google, Aardvark) and Alon Salant (from Carbon Five), San Francisco:
    “Our mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide. We’re certain that better food is a means to a better world. As people get more of their food from local systems—systems built on caring for the land, the animals and the people in them—we believe that we’ll see real change.”
  • Products: Fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, baked goods, baby foods, pantry staples, local meals & snacks, and “other good stuff”.  View their producers.
  • Delivery days: Every day except major holidays.
  • Delivery locations: Your home, or pick up from drop-off points in San Francisco, East Bay, Peninsula, and Marin. (Also serve Brooklyn and New Orleans.)
  • Minimum order: None.
  • Delivery fees: $3.99 for home delivery; free to pick up from drop-off points.

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