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Featured Farmer Spotlight: Judith Redmond of Full Belly Farm

Every week, we’ll spotlight a FarmsReach Featured Farmer. Our Featured Farmers are brimming with great ideas and knowledge to share with the farming community. Feeling a spark of curiosity? There’s no question too simple or tough. Ask a question or add a Conversation and we’ll be sure it’s answered within a day or two.

This week, we’re featuring Judith Redmond, one of the dedicated owners of Full Belly Farm, a certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of northern California. Their farm has been certified organic since 1985, where they strive to continue supporting local food systems and creating a strong local food economy.

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Community Picks: CropMobster, AgLocal, and PastureScout

These folks are all about supporting farmers, and they’re taking new approaches to solve some real issues for the farming and ranching community.  We’ve met with all of them the past few months, and we want to share the great work they’re doing!

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 3.40.54 PMCropMobster transforms what might be considered food waste, into value. Tons of produce not fit for the produce shelves in a supermarket are often left in the fields to rot. CropMobster is an online platform giving farmers the opportunity to offer this surplus and ‘seconds’ to those in their community who need it. We’re particularly moved by how this organization enables communities to take an active role in supporting their local food system. Watch the video where founder Nick Papadopolous explains how CropMobster works and see how you could use their services selling or donating product, or accessing some affordable bounty.

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FarmsReach in a Nutshell; Q&A with Melanie Cheng

At FarmsReach, we encourage our growing community to ask questions. There’s no such thing as a dumb question, and more often than not, someone else is seeking the same answer. Our founder, Melanie Cheng, is peppered with questions daily, and here are a few of her answers about FarmsReach and our work to develop a strong network of farmers.

farm, field, GrowKitchen, tractorIMG_0303What does FarmsReach do?

FarmsReach is an evolving online platform co-created with our member farmers and partner organizations. There’s a big opportunity to improve connections and information-sharing among the agriculture community. There’s also a critical need to develop systems to help new farmers ramp up their businesses quickly, experienced farmers optimize their operations, and just about all farms improve their bottom line.

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