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California Farmland Protection: Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Last week, in the beautiful Napa Valley, the American Farmland Trust and Napa County Farm Bureau hosted a statewide conference – the first of its kind – to address the question: Is farmland conservation a reality, or simply wishful thinking? The intention was to “highlight the successes, define the obstacles, and explore new directions for conserving California agricultural land.”

The 200-person event sold out weeks in advance, bringing together many long-time stakeholders who have worked for decades on farmland issues: advocates, land trusts, government agencies, Farm Bureau members, nonprofit organizations and farmers themselves.  It seemed nearly every agriculture county in the state was present to learn how we can address the frightening reality of losing 30,000 acres of the most fertile agricultural land each year.

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Chipotle CULTIVATE Festival in SF

The San Francisco Chipotle Cultivate Festival, held this past weekend in Golden Gate Park, brought together local bands, local artisan food purveyors, and all the Chipotle tacos and gorditas you could eat!  Geared towards people of all ages, this all-day, free festival did a great job of integrating food and farming education with an afternoon of relaxation, a few beers and some live music.

I applaud Chipotle for designing a festival with a clear message – to highlight their philosophy of healthy ingredients, local sourcing, animal welfare and overall farm sustainability.

Cultivate, event, FarmsReach, food, Golden Gate Park, San FranciscoDSCN1731The event featured six “Cultivate Experiences” to learn about such things as fresh ingredients and the processed meals of typical fast food restaurants, animal welfare issues and healthy meat, and the facts about CA avocados and the farmers who grow them.  I visited all the exhibits, got my program stamped and won a free meal at any Chipotle restaurant.  Not a bad way to win some free food!

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