A Successful Nutrient Management Series & New Toolkit Resources!


We want to extend a big Thank You and Great Job to the folks at UC SAREP and Sustainable Conservation for the successful start of our ongoing Nutrient Management Series. In case you missed the conversation, join the Nutrient Management Solutions Group to see all the great Q&A.

For those who are new to this level of detail around nutrient management, or for those who simply want to read more about these concepts and ideas during times of drought, we’ve created a Toolkit with hand-picked resources for both the beginner and more advanced farmer. Read more below for a preview.

 A few resources for those new to the concepts within soil nutrient management:

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Building Soils for Better Crops
A thorough, easy-to-read guide for ecological soil management, including nutrient management, nutrient cycles, cover crops, and other soil-improving practices.
Source: SARE

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Fertilization Guidelines for Major Crops Grown in CA
Interactive resource with details on best fertilization practices for a variety of crops, such as tomatoes, corn, broccoli, and lettuce.
Source: CDFA

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Compost Use & Soil Fertility
Basic information about available nutrients in compost, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.
Source: UMass Amherst

See the many more resources in our Toolkit!

A few more resources for those more experienced with soil nutrient management:

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Selecting the Right Cover Crops Gives Multiple Benefits
Guide to determine which cover crop varieties are best suited for your farm system, including details on optimum seeding conditions, growth habits, and time to maturity.
Source: UC ANR

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Nutrient Content of Crops
Tool calculates the approximate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium removed from the soil when you harvest a variety of different crops.
Source: NRCS

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Conservation Agriculture Systems Innovation
Six-part video documentary series explains how no-till and minimum-till agriculture and overhead precision irrigation can lead to higher irrigation efficiency, increased profitability, and greater resource conservation.
Source: CASI

See the many more resources in our Toolkit!

We’d love to know what resources YOU think are missing? Are there any great resources YOU’D recommend for the community? Please share!

We’re also excited to announce that we’ll be hosting another Series in early January on Nutrient Management in Vineyard Systems – stay tuned for more details!

And, if you have ideas of farmers or experts that have good information to share, send them our way! We’re starting to build our panelist line-up.

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